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I had this problem last summer. The APAR that Xuan refers to prevents the
hang, and indeed, in RDi 7.1, I just verified that the hang does not occur.

But the root of my problem was firewall related. Possibly, if the firewall
situation is corrected, you won't need the APAR hang fix for QShell
subsystem in WDSC to work. A Verify Connection operation, or trying to
run STRRSESVR from your i5/OS command line might confirm if you have a
firewall situation concerning server callbacks to the RSE daemon. When I
authenticated to my firewall environment, then the QShell subsystem worked
OK for me - there is a callback from i5/OS to the PC running WDSC involved
with the QShell subsystem/view.

In my case, when the TCP/IP interface on i5/OS is restarted, I needed to
re-authenticate with our firewall. It took a while to figure out what was
going on in our environment, because QShell had worked before, and I
couldn't figure out why it stopped working.


Every time I attempt to start QSHELL from WDSC, it launches the shell,
promptly terminates and leaves javaw.exe taking all of the available CPU.

Andrew Smith

This is a known problem (APAR SE28407), and will be fixed in next fix pack
of WDSC 7.0.


Xuan Chen, Problem Determination Tools for iSeries
(905) 413-3769 T/L 313-3769

Steve Mervosh
System i Technology Center
IBM Rochester Minnesota

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