Personally, I wish they'd move the System i RSE code to OpenRSE.
It would open up the possibility for someone adding Kerberos support
without having to wait for it (as an understandably low-priority
request) to get done by IBM.

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Joe Pluta wrote:

Do you need this for development? Since WDSC already has RSE, why would
you want the OpenRSE plug-in?

Nope, I don't need openRSE, I already said exactly that. I want
openRSE. I use it at home with my plain jane Eclipse and I like it. I
like developing with it and I like having the source to learn from and
I'd like to be able to take what I learn at home and use it at work.

All I know is that yet another release of our tool is based on a back
level version of Eclipse, and that on the teeter-totter of life, this
comes down on the sad side instead of the happy side.

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