I vote report it. I've never seen this in any version of WDSCi, not even on my old 750 MHz laptop. Sounds like something screwed up on your machine that they need to help you fix.

I agree that Windoze has issues, but it's what we have - for now, at least. Sigh.

Dave Shaw
Mohawk Industries

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This is an odd occurrence that does happen fairly regularly I am busily
writing code and I will hit enter to finish a line and I will get no
response and the msg "enterRPG" is not a valid editor action. To get
past this I have to one of a few things. Close the source object
(sometimes I am able to save it sometimes not) or shut down RSE and
restart. Sometimes I can't shut down normally and have to take the Task
manager route. It is not all the time, but if this was happening in SEU
it would be intolerable. It seems that the longer I work in the Windows
environment the more tolerant I become of things that should not be
tolerated. It still amazes me that companies put so much trust in a
system (Windows) that still acts as a beta test after so many years. I
don't remember these problems back in the Remote card systems, punch
board programming, 80 column card account 96 column card system 3.
Granted, there has been phenomenal progress in technology, but I fear
there has also been a loss of pride in program writing. We expect
things to not always work like advertised and that is a shame.

Anyway has anyone else experienced this issue, or should I report it to
the WDSc black hole of official problem reporting?

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