You are correct.  It's called a Service Entry Point.  Open up the library
where the program resides using RSE, then right click on the program and
select Debug(Service Entry)/Set Service Entry Point.  Provided you have the
appropriate authority and the right level of the operating system, the
Service Entry Point will be created under your current user profile (the
profile you used to start the connection).

The Service Entry Point (SEP) will then show up in a table.  You can now
change the user profile for the SEP to any user profile to which you have
enough authority.  I sometimes have problems with this; I haven't figured
out exactly how much authority I need to the other user's profile, so for
debugging I sometimes use a profile with *ALLOBJ (gasp!).  But assuming you
have enough authority, you can modify the SEP.

The next time that user calls the program, their job will be suspended, and
control will be transferred to your WDSC session.  WDSC will switch to the
debugging view and show you the program.  Note that you need to have
compiled the program with debugging information, or else all you'll see is a
bunch of line numbers in the source window!

Hope this helps.


From: Bill Barnes

I am not sure about this, but I heard somewhere that it was possible to
debug an interactive program by userid.  What I thought was that it
could be set up in advance and as soon as a particular user started
using the program it would come up in debug mode.  Am I correct or was I

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