I've noticed an additional issue with the display of monitored variables
in debug.

 Normally, when a data structure is being monitored, a '+' appears to the
left of the DS and we can display the subfields.  I ran into a situation
where not all the fields are being shown.

D MyDS       DS                        LikeRec( MyFile: *ALL )

 If there are any output-only fields in MyFile, they will not display under
MyDS, even though they are really part of the DS, since *ALL was specified.

 Thank you.


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Showing both local and global variables in "Variables" view is still in 
our list. 
"Show Type Names" comes from common workbench debugger component. 
Currently it is not supported by WDSC debugger.


Li Ding
iSeries AD, IBM Toronto Lab

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Re: [WDSCI-L] Debugging enhancement requests

 Mark wrote on 21/09/2006 03:16:52 PM: 
I wish I knew how to get variables to display in the "Variables" tab, 
instead of the monitor tab.

I think one of the IBMers confirmed in an earlier thread that there is no 
way to add specific variables the "Variables" view.  One of the previous 
requests, which I think is on the famed "list of requirements" is to show 
both locally scoped and global variables in that view when in a subproc.

 Also, what does the "Show Type Names" button do?

I'm glad someone else is having trouble figuring this out :)  As far as I 
could see it doesn't do anything when debugging RPG.  Perhaps it is only 
applicable to a specific language?

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