Hi Michael,

  >Thanks for straightening me out on the SRCSTMF parameter.  I'm sure it
  >wasn't added after I sent my post <grin>.  I just never looked that
  >closely.  Out of curiosity, what benefit do you see in using the IFS for

  A very simple reason/benefit. I'd like to use an open source Version
  Control system (Subversion) with it.
  Subversion only operates on the "normal" filesystems.

  I'm aware that putting my source on the IF causes the loss of member text
  and source type, and not to forget the source lines change date and

  But when an iSeries Project imports sources from the original source
  members under the QSYS system, the project keeps track of this member text
  and source type in separate metadata files. That way, when the project
  sourcemember is pushed back to the original sourcefile, the stored text
  and sourcetype are reset. So there are possibilities to keep track of the
  same thing for IFS sources.

  But for me, keeping these properties would not be very important. For
  example, in other programming languages we don't have text descriptions on
  the sources at all, so personally I don't care if I lose them.

  The most important thing would be the possibility to import an IFS source
  in a WDSC project, and have the possibility to do the same thing with it
  as I can do with source members. But as far as I can see this is not
  possible now.

  Best regards,
  Arco Simonse


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