I just went through a few hours of unnecessary time wasting, thanks to
insufficient source help for DDS.


I was trying to find out how to require a field to be mandatory entry on one
of my screens.  I found the "CHECK(ME)" keyword through the DDS source help
through WDSC, great.  I then went through a few hours of hell trying to
figure out why it wouldn't work.

Through WDSC source help, the description for the 'CHECK keyword says: 

Use this keyword to perform the following functions, depending on the
parameter values specified: 

...and then lists a bunch of parameters without describing any of them.  I
did get a little more info from "CHGINPDFT", but not enough to figure out
what was wrong.

Finally out of frustration I went to theV5R2 help online and found the DDS
reference there has 13 pages of text for the "CHECK" keyword fully
describing all the parameters and how and why I needed to use DSPATR(MDT)
and (ND) to resolve my problem.

Apparently someone in the "WDSC Source Help Dept." decide that those other
12 pages weren't necessary!  Gee, thanks!


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