I'm a new subscriber, so bear with me -- I sent this item on 5/13, 
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        We are on WDSC 5.1.2, and our AS400 is at V5R3. 
        For some reason, WDSC is not cleaning up after itself.  I am 
becoming the proud owner of thousands of objects in QRPLOBJ, most of them 
of type *USRSPC, but also type *FILE and *PGM, each one of those 
representing a compile that I have done in RSE.  Eventually all the 
allowed storage for my user profile fills up and I'm dead in the water.  I 
got 1086 new *USRSPC objects in one cycle of debug/fix/recompile!  The 
*USRSPC objects have names like Q670121BB8...
        No one else in my shop has reported this problem.
        Does anyone have any idea what's going on?
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