I assume you're using a different connection for each LPAR.  If so under
   preferences (Window, Preferences), expand Remote Systems and check 'Show
   filter pools'.  This will allow you to set up additional filter pools that
   will only apply to the connection where the filter is made.  (You can then
   uncheck 'Show filter pools' and eliminate an extra level to the RSE tree.
    Although sometimes it's nice to keep the filter pools shown.)

   Original message:

   date: Mon, 14 Jun 2004 11:27:46 -0400
   from: jag@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
   subject: [WDSCI-L] RSE filters in WDSC

   We have 4 LPAR, when I apply filters (mbrs/obj), it applies on all the
   LPARs, is there any way to restrict the filters by LPAR. One thing I like
   about the filters is, when you recreate a connection, it brings back all
   the filters ( I am not sure whether, it just reapplies what exist in other
   connection (LPAR) or applies from the archive of that connection).

   Highly appreciated for any suggestion/help


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