Yes, you could do that.  Or for just your testing you could convert the 
DSPF members that you need, deploy the results and then use programatic 
ivocation to launch your application (no change at all to your welcome 
page).  You could code such links into an .html page on your desktop (as 
an example).


Mike Hockings, P.Eng.
WebSphere Development Tools for AS/400  -  CODE/Designer & WebFacing !
IBM Canada Ltd. Laboratory 

Michael D Soucy <mikesoucy1262@xxxxxxxx> 
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2004-06-07 19:11
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Websphere Development Studio Client for iSeries 


[WDSCI-L] Webfacing and multiple CLs


    I have a webfacing project, and I would like the ability to have a
"test" CL with OVRDBF statements pointing to some test files as well as a
regular CL that the general user would use that points to "live" files. 
I don't want the user to see or have access to the link that points to my
"test" CL.  What would be the best way to do this?  Would I have to have
a second index.html file with a different name that points to the second
CL command?

Michael Soucy,
Sr. Progammer/Analyst

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