maybe I have an extremely capable laptop, but heres the specs:

OS Name Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional

Version 5.0.2195 Service Pack 4 Build 2195

OS Manufacturer Microsoft Corporation

System Manufacturer Dell Computer Corporation

System Model Latitude CPx H500GT

System Type X86-based PC

Processor x86 Family 6 Model 8 Stepping 1 GenuineIntel ~498 Mhz

BIOS Version Phoenix ROM BIOS PLUS Version 1.10 A05

Locale United Kingdom

Time Zone GMT Daylight Time

Total Physical Memory 261,616 KB

Available Physical Memory 116,996 KB

Total Virtual Memory 1,024,876 KB

Available Virtual Memory 630,060 KB

Page File Space 763,260 KB

Page File D:\pagefile.sys

and heres a bit of console listing to show that it actually works:

************ Start Display Current Environment ************

WebSphere Platform 5.0 [BASE 5.0.2 ptf2M0325.01] running with process name
localhost\localhost\server1 and process id 1348

Host Operating System is Windows 2000, version 5.0 build 2195 Service Pack 4

Java version = J2RE 1.3.1 IBM J9 build 20030702 (JIT enabled), Java Compiler
= j9jit21, Java VM name = IBM J9SE VM

was.install.root = d:\wdsc\WebSphere Studio\Site

user.install.root = d:\wdsc\WebSphere Studio\Site

Java Home = d:\wdsc\WebSphere Studio\Site

ws.ext.dirs = d:\wdsc\WebSphere Studio\Site
Developer\v5.1\runtimes\base_v5/java/lib;d:\wdsc\WebSphere Studio\Site
Developer\v5.1\runtimes\base_v5/classes;d:\wdsc\WebSphere Studio\Site
Developer\v5.1\runtimes\base_v5/classes;d:\wdsc\WebSphere Studio\Site
Developer\v5.1\runtimes\base_v5/lib;d:\wdsc\WebSphere Studio\Site
Developer\v5.1\runtimes\base_v5/lib/ext;d:\wdsc\WebSphere Studio\Site
Developer\v5.1\runtimes\base_v5/web/help;d:\wdsc\WebSphere Studio\Site
loy/runtime;d:/wdsc/WebSphere Studio/Site

Classpath = d:\wdsc\WebSphere Studio\Site
Developer\v5.1\runtimes\base_v5/properties;d:\wdsc\WebSphere Studio\Site
Developer\v5.1\runtimes\base_v5/properties;d:\wdsc\WebSphere Studio\Site
Studio\Site Developer\v5.1\runtimes\base_v5/lib/j2ee.jar;d:\wdsc\WebSphere
\cw\myjava\dbbeans.jar;d:/wdsc/WebSphere Studio/Site
_5.1.0/runtime/wteServers.jar;d:/wdsc/WebSphere Studio/Site

Java Library path = d:\wdsc\WebSphere Studio\Site
Developer\v5.1\runtimes\base_v5/bin;d:\wdsc\WebSphere Studio\Site
Developer\v5.1\runtimes\base_v5/java/bin;d:\wdsc\WebSphere Studio\Site
Developer\v5.1\runtimes\base_v5/java/jre/bin;d:\wdsc\WebSphere Studio\Site
IMNNQ_2K;d:\Program Files\Common Files\GTK\2.0\bin

************* End Display Current Environment *************



[5/30/04 20:41:58:411 BST] 6b9d6b9d HttpTransport A SRVE0171I: Transport
http is listening on port 9,080.

[5/30/04 20:42:00:774 BST] 6b9d6b9d HttpTransport A SRVE0171I: Transport
https is listening on port 9,443.

[5/30/04 20:42:01:005 BST] 6b9d6b9d RMIConnectorC A ADMC0026I: RMI Connector
available at port 2809

[5/30/04 20:42:01:095 BST] 6b9d6b9d WsServer A WSVR0001I: Server server1
open for e-business

The only other thing that I think may be helping me is that I always run
FreeRam on the PC's that I use. I have found that it is very good at
juggling memory when it gets low.



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> Colin are you absolutely _sure_ you have only 256Mb on that laptop?  I
> to run the test environment on a system of that size and it crashed (after
> about 10 minutes) with a message saying that I did not meet the minimum
> memory requirement!  And I wasn't running _anything_ else.
> Jon Paris
> Partner400
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> Vern,
> I beg to differ, I run WAS test environment in 256mb of ram on my laptop.
> really seems to depend on what else your running. Some of the stuff that
> could do at 4.0 run reasonably well on the current release.
> Its not pretty, but it works. Ive run WDSC on my laptop since 4.0, and
> release seems to get a faster and more stable. I can only get away with
> doing one task at a time though.
> On my desktop, where im using WDSC to do RPG development, java
> running WAS test environment, using turnover plugins, and running Eclipse
> to run web application tests plus outlook, client access, word, internet
> explorer, Reims EDI java client all at the same time,
> I have 1Gb of ram, and im still struggling.
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