Not sure what you mean by "refresh" the source.  If you mean the circular
   arrows in the RSE connection view, this doesn't seem to do anything to my
   errors. But Ctrl+F5 does get rid of them.  Oh, now I see, Source>Refresh,
   from the main Menu.  I think I'll go get some coffee...

   And I made another discovery:  At the right end of the tool bar, there are
   down and up outline arrows with a red + on the point.  They allow you to
   go up and down the error list in your source.


   >From: "Chevalier, Rick" <RICK.CHEVALIER@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
   >Reply-To: Websphere Development Studio Client for
   >To: "Websphere Development Studio Client for iSeries"
   >Subject: RE: [WDSCI-L] Removing Inserted Errors
   >Date: Thu, 29 Jan 2004 13:39:45 -0600
   >I don't know about moving from error to error, but to remove the errors
   just refresh the source.  It doesn't pull from the iSeries, so you won't
   lose any changes.  I think F5 also works but I've been having trouble with
   that lately.


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