They are in the process of revising the pricing. Any user that submits a
Web Query report needs to be a named user, which could add up to be a huge
bill but they are looking at a system where users can be defined as groups
and you would only need a license for each group. Not official yet but
they are working on it.

Richard Caldicott
Director of Implementations
& Efficiency
Tandy Brands Accessories
817-548-0090 extn 146

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"System 21 Users" <system21@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

Re: [SYSTEM21] Hi

Reports can be emailed. It requires Active Reports which is an add-on
to the product ($800 on P10).

IBM has partnered with Information Builders, Inc. on the DB2 Web Query
product. It requires V5R4 and only the base portion is "free" if you
have current maintenance with IBM. You get 4 free named
(non-concurrent) user licenses on a P10, 6 on a P20, and 8 on a P30.
Additional users are $400 each.

You will also need to pay yearly maintenance fees outside of your other
iSeries maintenance.

There are also various add-ons that are not free and can add thousands
of dollars to the product.

I have the product but have not installed it yet. I need various
updates to Group PTF's before I can use it. We use Help Systems Sequel
Viewpoint query product and I thought that I would compare the two,
primarily to see the ease of use of the new product.

An IBM Redbook is available at
&SearchMax=4999. It's the second book in the list.

Steve Prill

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Do you know if it can email reports and can the reports be put on a


Barbara Byrne

IT Manager
Greatex Mills Inc.

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I don't know the answer to your particular question, but you might want
to check out IBM's new product called DB2 Web Query for System i. It
was just released about a month ago and in most cases, the base module
can be obtained for no charge.

The product runs on an Apache Server on your AS/400 and allows you to
build reports and graphics using point and click.

I just called our IBM Business Partner to order.

Randy Rasp
AER Manufacturing

---- Srimal Athukorale <srimalc@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi every body.....

Is is possible to generate reports from Oracle Form builder using data
source as DB2. by connecting using ODBC if can how.

all kind of ideas are well come.


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