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On 6/30, a user I think was playing with SECTOOLS and updated a bunch of
security settings.  He was setup as a *SECOFR so that he could do
things, but not those things.

I restored most of the settings by viewing the LOG, but we are still
having one problem. 

A job that is supposed to open a device and transmit a file to a
customer of theirs is failing with this error.  I have set the QSECURITY
back to 40, and even tried 30.  This job has worked for 6+ years.

SNACMN is an ICFF file.  S5X0DTA is the Supertracs library, an
application written I think by Gentran to transmit files.  We are
sending from an Iseries to some mainframe.

                         Additional Message Information


 Message ID . . . . . . :   MCH6801       Severity . . . . . . . :   40

 Message type . . . . . :   Escape

 Date sent  . . . . . . :   07/02/03      Time sent  . . . . . . :

 Message . . . . :   Object domain or hardware storage protection
 Cause . . . . . :   An attempt was made to use a blocked instruction or
access a protected object from a program running with user state. The

object that was accessed is SNACMN    S5X0DTA   *N  *DMODP. A protected

object is one that is in the system domain or which has storage
attributes that restrict its use. In most cases, this exception is
only at system security levels 40 and above.  However, it is
signalled at
all security levels for some objects when their storage protection
attributes are incompatible with the attempted use.  The system objects
are always protected with the storage protection mechanism are:programs
   (object type hex 02), except for any associated space(s), modules
   type hex 03), except for any associated space(s), SOM objects (object
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Art Tostaine, Jr.
CCA, Inc.
Jackson, NJ 08527

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