I'm using Giuseppe Costagliola's SQL2JXL utility in batch mode, by
calling the CL from an RPG program.  

It works great as long as I run it in a multi-threaded subsystem, but it
runs into trouble when I run it in a single threaded subsystem, because
the RUNJVA command apparently submits another job called QJVACMDSRV.

Our program is called interactively by various users in our sales area
to email spreadsheets from the IFS to selected customers.  We create the
spreadsheet with the same name each time.  We wanted the name to be
something that will make sense to the customer, rather than some
sytem-generated unique number based on a time stamp or something. Since
it has the same name, we submit the job to a single-threaded queue so
the sales reps won't step on each other when sending these things.

Before I put the effort into coming up with a meaningful yet unique
naming convention for the spreadsheet, I thought I'd run it by you folks
to see if anyone knows of a way I can get SQL2JXL to work in a single
threaded subsystem, or has any other nifty ideas on how to deal with
this situation.

(Until now, we were actually using SQL2XLS, which doesn't have this
problem.  Unfortunately, it is not suited for larger spreadsheets, and
some of ours are getting too big for it to handle, so that's why I'm
trying to move to SQL2JXL).


Greg Fleming

Senior Programmer/Analyst

Everglades Direct, Inc.


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