In this case just a straight add or subtract.   The first  field has 2 
decimals and the one being added to (or subtracted from) has no decimals

ie:  ADD       NET$          TRUNCK           11 0  (where NET$ is  13 2)

Even tried doing:

NET$          MULT   -1                  POS                13 2 
                     SUB       POS           TRUNCK 

and we get the same results.  If we do a half-adjust on the MULT then it 
works as expected (less than .50 it drops the decimals >= .50 then rounds 
up) or if we define POS as 13 0 this also works (it drop the decimals), 
but on this I would expect it to ignore the decimals on the subtract and 
it doesn't.

-- Jim

>how does one "do truncation"?  Are you MOVEing the field from the one 
>field to the other?  Are you using z-add?  Are you using eval?
>Rob Berendt

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