I have an application that reads through IFS records, parses out fields and then writes them to a physical file using SQL. I ran into an issue with the date. It comes in as MM/DD/CCYY formatted text and I need to get it to a Julian date (actually a 5 digit number) So I thought the following would work (/FREE):
        jvDate = %Date(INvDate:*JUL0);

The 2nd parameter of the %date() BIF specifies the format of the date that it's trying to interpret, not the one that's output from the BIF. I think that's where you're getting confused.

I'm assuming that InvDate is a character string (not a date field) that's in MM/DD/YYYY (*USA) format. If that's the case, your code should look like this:

    jvDate = %date(InvDate: *USA);

Then, to convert it to a character representation of the julian date, you'll do the following:

    vDate = %char(jvDate: *JUL0);

I am suspecting that the runtime error is occurring because the program is assuming *ISO for the date format and it is coming in as *USA.

It's not assuming anything. You specifically told it that the date in the InvDate field is in *JUL0 format. That's why it's confused.

know how to tell %Date built in that I am formatting a date FROM *USA to *JUL. Do I need to add another step so that I first convert the character field to *USA date and THEN convert that to a *JUL format?

You specify the format of the date field that %date() outputs on the D-spec when you declare the date field in the first place. The 2nd parameter to %date() is the input format, not the output format.

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