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Use Code/400.  In the Actions : Smart Guides : Create D specification;
there are several options.  One of the suboptions for INFDS created,
(unmodified by me):
     F*MYFILE   IF   E             DISK    INFDS(myfile)
     D* File information feedback DS for file feedback
     D myfile          DS
     D INF_FILE          *FILE      * File name
     D INF_OPEN_IND            9      9N      * File open?
     D INF_EOF_IND            10     10N      * File at eof?
     D INF_STATUS        *STATUS      * Status code
     D INF_OPCODE        *OPCODE      * Last opcode
     D INF_ROUTINE       *ROUTINE      * RPG Routine
     D INF_LIST_NUM           30     37      * Listing line
     D INF_SPCL_STAT          38     42S 0      * SPECIAL status
     D INF_RECORD        *RECORD      * Record name
     D INF_MSGID              46     52      * Error MSGID
     D INF_SCREEN        *SIZE      * Screen size
     D INF_NLS_IN        *INP      * NLS Input?
     D INF_NLS_OUT       *OUT      * NLS Output?
     D INF_NLS_MODE      *MODE      * NLS Mode?

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Dan <>
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11/26/2002 11:18 AM
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        Subject:        DDS specs for RPG INFDS available?  plus defining
Binary in DDS

Does anyone have the DDS specs for INFDS for database, printer, and
display files that they'd be willing to share?  Specifically, the
database INFDS.  (If so, PLEASE feel free to email them to  Or a link to a web site that has them?  I want to
externally describe the INFDS in my apps.

I am currently exasperated trying to key the database INFDS.  The data
management guide is calling for a binary data type with a length of 4,
which I've defined in DDS as '4B 0', but this defines a 2-byte field.
Should binary fields with length = 4 be defined as '10B 0'?
Should binary fields with length = 2 be defined as ' 5B 0'?

The DDS manual doesn't give much guidance on this and I've never
defined a binary data type in DDS before.  It doesn't help that the
file feedback, open feedback, and i/o feedback are defined with their
own offsets, and in two different manuals.  Bleahhh.

TIA, Dan

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