Maybe I wasn't clear. I am looking at what has to be done on the server
and firewall side to allow the phone app in. The Android manual makes
setting up that end look as simple as setting up Outlook, once you have
the other stuff that I am asking for a link to done.

Roger Vicker, CCP

On 11/30/2010 6:19 PM, Vern Hamberg arranged the binary bits such that:

On my Sprint Epic, I was able to connect directly to Outlook, and it has
calendars and address books, albeit rather ugly. There are a couple apps
(20 or 25 bucks each, which is exorbitant in the Android world) that do
a far better job of it.

It's very easy to get set up, even in the base support that Android has
(or maybe it's the provider's support - don't know).


On 11/30/2010 4:23 PM, Roger Vicker, CCP wrote:

I know my way around Domino fairly well but I have one customer that
switched to Exchange 2007 :'(

I was able to research and setup Apache as a reverse proxy in front of
OWA so the users could remotely access their email, calendars and
address books by the web. Now they want to setup an Android based phone
to access the same things via the built-in (?) Outlook like app. My
research on what needs to be opened/mapped in the firewall or additional
Apache directives is very confusing :-( Does any body have a recipe
type how-to link on setting this up securely? My alternative is to get
them to use IMAP and SMTP Auth (port 587) but they will grumble about
the calendar and address book.


Roger Vicker, CCP

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