I have a spreadsheet with approx. 500 rows of data. I need to update a
substring in a column conditioned by values in that column and in another
column. If it were SQL, I might use:

Update "worksheet"
set J1 = substr(J1, 1, 2) + '78' + substr(J1, 5, 6)
where D1 not in ('SRC3', 'UUMC', 'PN', 'FCR1')
and A1 = 22

where J1, D1, & A1 are individual cells in the same row (#1); and I need
this repeated for all 500 rows of data. Essentially, I need to replace the
3rd & 4th character in J1 with '78' when certain conditions are met.

I have no idea how to accomplish this in Excel. I'm guessing a macro is
involved, but my knowledge of them is limited.

Any help or even links to online pointers would be greatly appreciated. I
googled a bunch of terms, but came up with a lot of external data import,
ODBC type of stuff.

- Dan

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