Good points John. I would add when blowing the fans out (with no power
of course) have a screwdriver handy that you can stop the fan blades
from turning. You would be AMAZED what a difference that makes in the
amount of dust you get out.

I'm lucky here. We have a very large air compressor in the warehouse
that is normally used for some cutting equipment but they let me
disconnect the air hose from that and attach a smaller end and as long
as I blow it out in the next warehouse room (about 10 feet away) they
are cool. MAN can the dust come out!


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Possibilities in the order I'd try:
1. Loose connection somewhere (power cable, cables from PSU to
motherboard). Tighten up or unplug/replug the connections.
2. Dust somewhere. Use a can of compressed air & blow the dust out.
all vents & fans and make sure you blow out the PSU as well as the
fans. Also blow out any heat sinks. You might want to take the PC
for this step.
3. Power supply. Swap in a known-good one.
3. Motherboard. Examine the board for scorch marks. Examine capacitors
bulges/leaks. Replace
4. CPU. Examine/replace thermal compound between CPU & heat sink.

If you get to items 3/4 and you have to buy a replacement board or CPU,
consider upgrading to a current gen CPU (i3/i5/i7 for Intel, for
Current CPUs should be faster while consuming a little less power.

Just about anything else and you'd get a BIOS beep code to indicate the

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