Then this just gets MORE confusing :-) I didn't save my stats from either,
but I had run AdAware with Custom settings to dig through EVERYTHING and it
eventually come up OK.

Then I run the MS deal and it finds stuff.

NOT doubting what you say, but how do we ever know for sure something is
really clean (short of formatting the hard drive...) :-) ?


Just ran Ad-Aware SE Personal and MS Spyware Scanner against each other 
and both with their deepest settings. MS settings to Knowledgeable User.

    5 - IE Favorites to dangerous sites
    1 - Browser hijacker = SearchIt
    various IE browser cookies

MS Spyware Scanner
    0 - IE Favorites identified
    1 - Adware = SearchIt
    UltraVNC mis-identified as TightVNC and as a moderate threat.
       The detailed text did, if you read far enough, say that if it was 
deliberately installed it might be OK.
       However, the first thing under ADVICE was "This is a potential 
high risk threat."
    Nothing about cookies.

MS has a glitzier interface but navigation is not consistent. Run it a 
time or two and when you start it the first window shows a nice summary. 
But take any option and then try to get back to it without exiting and 
restarting the program. The same information is elsewhere but not as 
nicely organized.

Roger Vicker, CCP

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