This was something I was curious about.  How do you "test" your backups?  I
mean, you really can't totally trust the software's verification.  SO do you
just blow out the drives and restore form tape and see what happens?
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> >From: Booth Martin [mailto:Booth@xxxxxxxxxxxx]
> >Just out of curiosity's sake do you have the backup server remotely
> located?
> >(even if its in the garage.)
> Tapes go offsite every day. (Oh, and in a separate process critical SQL
> databases are replicated to a remote location every 15 minutes)
> >Without remoteness you are missing a vital and cheap safeguard.
> Walden's 2 rules of backups:
> 1) Backups that aren't off-site aren't backups.
> 2) Backups that aren't tested aren't backups.
> -Walden

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