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A number of years ago, IBM engineers did build a laptop/400. The problem
that marketing decided that no one would buy it.

Anne, how about forwarding this gentleman's comments to Malcolm?

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> In a recent magazine article about iSeries marketing
> an IBMer was explaining how the "pixie dust" campaign
> was winding down and a new campaign is about to be
> launched.  In this new campaign they had looked at the
> profile of the typical iSeries customer and had
> decided to target similar businesses using competing
> platforms.  This marketing person whose name I forget
> - and it's irrelevant - was excited and damn proud of
> this new campaign.  They were really going to go after
> the competition.  The result?  This new campaign will
> target HP customers.  That's right, HPUX.
> This is exactly off target.
> The competition is Wintel, and their eating our lunch.
>  And breakfast.  And dinner.
> Now I'm not going to bore you with some rant about how
> great the iSeries is and how unreliable/insecure
> Windows is.  I'm sure we're all on the same page here.
>  I don't want to go on about IBM's marketing.  I do
> want to suggest some positive ideas though.  Well,
> just one thing actually.
> I'm sure many on this list face a situation similar to
> this... your employer is moving to NT and little if
> anything is being planned for the iSeries.  Perception
> has become reality... management and vendors see a
> shrinking market therefore the market has been and is
> shrinking... slowly but surely.  Another depressing
> indicator is the fact that the job market is dead,
> unless you want to help someone move to NT.  This is
> too bad because there's alot of exciting new stuff
> happening on the box... in fact it's better than ever
> and better than the competition!  Yet the shrinking
> trend continues.
> A post last week or so spoke about Code/400 and how
> IBM had targeted "the guy on the train" with that
> product.  A similar campaign is needed now.
> We're all that "guy on the train".  The people on this
> list are the ones who can breathe life into the
> iSeries market.  We the fans, the true believers, who
> know what the machine is about and see the potential.
> It's down to us.  People outside the iSeries market
> aren't going to do it.  And too many brain numb
> managers want MS because "it's standard", "open", "not
> legacy" etc. ad nauseum.  We are the one who will
> develop the next generation of apps for the iSeries.
> But we need some help.
> IBM is currently promoting a "$9,999" iSeries.  But to
> be useful, double that price.  This is not enough
> though.  Nowhere near enough.  What I'm going to
> suggest may seem shocking, especially to IBM, but I
> believe that unless something shocking is done the
> iSeries niche will continue to shrink.
> So what does the guy on the train need to develop apps
> these days?  It's more than WSDc, the modern day
> "Code/400" if you will.
> A quick flip through the latest Dell junk mail reveals
> a 2.4 GHZ 30GB Windows laptop for about $1,100.  Not a
> bad start.  Throw in MySQL, Tomcat, and your favorite
> IDE and you're a good ways there.
> But what if the guy (or gal!) wants to develop for the
> iSeries?  What if our train passenger is eager to
> follow IBM's direction: WSDc, WAS and so forth to
> develop the next generation of iSeries/400 apps?
> Fully GUI with a browser or java app interface.  What
> is there for our enthusiastic entrepreneur?  They have
> to have to wait till they get home and then they can
> work on their $20K+ box... if they're lucky enough to
> afford one.
> In other words, many potential developers are largely
> locked out.
> But let's say you're fortunate enough to have an
> iSeries at home and you've worked 24/7 getting your
> app ready.  Finally it's time to go to the prospect
> and make them a customer.  Your first sale.  Good luck
> hauling along your iSeries for the demo!  And who has
> a T1 line at home to make demo-ing your app over the
> internet truly a viable option?  And even though the
> iSeries is reliable there's nothing like having the
> machine nearby in case of problems.
> Now for the shock.  What's needed is a full blown
> laptop iSeries capable of running Websphere and
> serving maybe half a dozen users as well as running
> Windows for the WSDc software.  A tall order.  But it
> gets taller.  This must be out the door ready to run
> for under $15K, $10K preferably.
> This price point is within reach.  Portability means I
> can bring my iSeries on the plane to the customer and
> show them my product in their office.  If I bring a
> hub with me then everyone at the conference table can
> clip their laptops into a little impromptu network
> serving up my app.
> Technical hurdles?  Sure.  But I have faith in IBM.
> >From basic research to end product they have
> consistently and repeatedly turned out superior
> products.  I truly think they do a great job and are
> matchless.  And I'm sure you remember the end result
> of this research and some of these great, or even
> revolutionary, products: the IBM PC, Microchannel,
> OS/2.  Marketing has dropped the ball on all of these
> however.  Is the iSeries to be added to the list?  If
> getting excited over targeting HPUX is an
> indication... maybe.  Quite likely even.
> Now this would be an awesome deal for we developers,
> no question about it!!!  What's in it for IBM?
> Consider it seeding the market.  Small companies -
> like our rail riding entrepreneur - or you, or me -
> become big companies.  Maybe IBM takes a loss on these
> machines.  Maybe even a big loss.  But it's worth it
> because by having more developers, more apps, and most
> of all _new_ apps, IBM would inject vitality into the
> iSeries market.  Clearly in their interest.  WSDc &
> Websphere usher in a new generation of technology.
> New apps need to be developed to take advantage of
> this new technology.
> Additionally, software developed on the
> iSeries/Developer Edition would be sold to a customer
> who either has a bigger iSeries - OR - WHO IS NEW TO
> THE ISERIES.  Either way, apps drive hardware sales.
> This may require a radical shift in the mind set of
> IBM marketing.  Compare and contrast IBM's ads which
> feature corporate clones sitting around the boardroom,
> with MS ads... you know the ones with the line
> drawings showing a semi-beat building becoming a nice
> sidewalk cafe and all the while Microsoft was there to
> help you grow and realize the successful business
> you're working and striving for.  IBM's ads are for
> the established (older) business and MS ads are for
> the new (younger) business.
> Small companies become big companies, and they'll
> stick with the technology they've grown up with.
> Shocking pricing of awesome technology.  Call it the
> shock and awe campaign, call it the iSeries/Developer
> Edition, call it what you will.  But a jolt is needed
> to get this market back to life.
> If such a awesome package is brought to market it
> would be a boon for developers.  It would help IBM
> sell more hardware.  It will also shock the
> competition - in fact it will scare the hell out them!
> It might even bring NEW developers to the platform.
> Wouldn't that be refreshing - people coming to the
> platform instead of abandoning it!
> Your employer may not see the potential of the
> iSeries, but you dear list reader probably do.  You
> are the person IBM must target.  A vital community of
> developers is in IBM's interest.  You need to let IBM
> know you're out there ready to go.  Ready to develop
> new apps using new technology.  But we just need some
> help.
> Thanks for reading this late night ramble.  What are
> your thoughts?  What do you think about a laptop
> iSeries/Developers Edition?  Would you buy one?
> Tom Daly   (speaking only for myself)
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