I'll go next...

Guess it must have been 6 or 7 years ago and I was doing an AS/400
upgrade. Fairly good sized company with exactly ONE person that had a
clue how to do an upgrade - me... So I had been there (weekend)
something like 18 hours and it was JUST about done. The signon screen
came up, I ("very fast typer for a GUY" - quote from a female co-worker
one time), standing up, keyed in QSECOFR and the password and hit Enter
3 times, faster than heck, knowing that I would get profile messages,
device messages, etc.; and looked away briefly. It was after the second
screen flash that I saw the message "CPF1116 Next not valid sign-on
attempt varies off device." I FRANTICALLY hit the reset key to clear the
keyboard buffer, but not quite quick enough... And down went the
Console... So I had to IPL the AS/400 and wait another 50 minutes, when
I could have been out of there in about 10 minutes... ARGHHHHHHH... :-)

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Well -
It's Friday afternoon again...thank <whatever your greater power may be>
(got to be politically correct)

What is the stupidest thing that you have done as a
programmer/operator/consultant?  At least, that you will admit to?

Since I started this thread, I'll go first:

In 1990, I was working at a small steel mill in East Texas (with 5
AS/400 systems).

In the main computer room, they did NOT have a desk for the system
console.  Instead, the console was located on TOP of the 9309 rack.  To
reach it, they had a small step (like you would use in your kitchen) to
stand on so you could reach the keyboard.  One day, while working at the
console, I noticed that the response time seemed to be very slow.

THEN, I realized that it was locked up.  I stepped back from the system,
pulled back the step, looked down, and saw that I had turned OFF one of
the disk drives by hitting the switch with my shoe.  The top of the step
was exactly even with the switch.

They put a desk in the computer room THAT afternoon, IIRC.

Steve Landess
Austin, Texas
(512) 423-0935

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