On Wednesday 22 August 2001 3:38 pm, Leif Svalgaard wrote:
> fine, but isn't there a way of stripping the
> annoying noise [picked from etc] off?

Hi Leif

But how would you then know the posting hadn't been originally in plain text
- it would look as though that was the entire posting. It might not seem like
much of a problem, but it's a kind of editing, so the software's action
shouldn't be transparent. One example of where it *might* be a problem is
where the original html contains some emphasis or other html only feature
that is lost in the plain text version, and the author's intended meaning
doesn't quite come through in plain text. It's easy enough to misconstrue
meaning in postings, and if the original _relied_ on html emphasis, then it
makes it worse. At least this way you know the post has been modified.

Plus how else would you know who the guilty people are that don't stick to
the mailing list rules and post plain text only ;-)

Regards, Martin

martin@dbg400.net / jamaro@firstlinux.net
http://www.dbg400.net  DBG/400 - DataBase Generation utilities
Open Source test environment tools for the AS/400 / iSeries and
miscellaneous database & spooled file management commands.

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