I did more testing on the MGET "*" issue. I tried:
MGET * and got the file fine.
MGET *.txt and got the file fine.
MGET "*" and got the file renamed as *
MGET "*.txt" and got the file renamed as *.txt

So, double quotes and wildcards don't mix anymore. Anyone seen this

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From: Craig Strong/DEKKO
To: midrange-l@xxxxxxxxxxxx,
Date: 08/12/2014 08:55 AM
Subject: SFTP MGET new restrictions

I would be able to perform the following for years in the QSHELL SFTP:
MGET "*"
After we moved to a new system with the same O/S and same directories
including the /home directories, the MGET "*" still gets the files and
data but names them * (single asterisk). Well, for this application there
is almost always one file. The script and the O/S haven't changed. I
know there are alternatives like expect scripts and doing ls -l to an
outfile and updating the script dynamically. I would like to have this
working like before which seems to be the desired functionality. The
reason for double quotes is that I have a command that places the file to
get in double quotes and uses GET or MGET depending on if an asterisk is
present. I haven't tried MGET "*.txt" or something else yet because it is
difficult to test with the customer.
Theories: SFTP setting file somewhere using defaults after the move to the
new system. SFTP setting file authority has changed. New PTF restricting
single asterisk not being allowed in double quotes.

Any ideas how to be able to use MGET "*" and keep the same names like
before the system move?


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