On 11-Aug-2014 15:08 -0500, Jerry Draper wrote:
When you do a SAVSAVF of the IFS to a tape which is the reciprocal
restore command for the IFS objects?

Is what was meant?: Save Save File Data (SAVSAVFDTA)

For db2 object you would use RSTOBJ.

I am not seeing how to handle restoring IFS.

The RST command. If SAVSAVFDTA was used:

If Save Object (SAVOBJ) had been used to save into a Save File as the Device (DEV), then the SAVSAVFDTA request makes the media appear as though the media was directly the target of the initial SAVOBJ. Just as if Save Library (SAVLIB); then RSTLIB is used from the device, same as if directed against the Save File (SAVF). If SAV had been used with a Device (DEV) specification that names a save file, e.g. DEV('/QSYS.LIB/MYLIB.LIB/MYSAVF.FILE'), then the RST command against the device to which SAVSAVFDTA request was directed, would be the same as what would be directed against the Save File. That is, the whole purpose of the SAVSAVFDTA is to copy the Save File data onto the DEV in a format that makes the _restore from the device_ function the same as if the restore activity instead had been requested as a _restore from the save file_.

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