CALL QVOIFIMG ('<Catalog>' '*ALL' 0)

Available since V5R4 as a PTF.

Instructions say you must remove the entries before you call this but for some time (a couple years?) it first clears the catalog and then adds all the files in the directory.

For some time the *BIN and *ISO options did not work and only *ALL worked but now *BIN and *ISO also work with current PTFs. Note that specifying *ALL works pretty well as the process ignores QIMGCLG and VOLUME_LIST as well as any files in there that are not valid images. For example I had a save file in there (xxx.savf) and it happily ignored it.

- Larry "DrFranken" Bolhuis


On 8/8/2014 5:46 PM, Justin C. Haase wrote:

Hi everyone,

Just noticed in the IBM i 7.2 install manual that it states to use the
following command with these parameters:

----book snippet start----
If you have downloaded your images into an image catalog directory, a fast
way to add all of the images at one time is to create an image catalog and
have all volumes found in the directory added to the image catalog

CRTIMGCLG IMGCLG(catalog-name) DIR(catalog-path) ADDVRTVOL(*DIR)
IMGTYPE(*ALL) TEXT(text-description)
----book snippet end----

Unfortunately, the *DIR option for ADDVRTVOL doesn't arrive until 7.2.
Even on a 7.1 system with latest cume, groups, TR, and all pre-install PTFs
- no dice on the *DIR option.

So - the lesson to be learned here: name your images SHORT, because you'll
be doing an ADDIMGCLGE at least once. Copy them from the ESS site as-is
and you'll be copy and pasting for days.

Have a great weekend.


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