On 08-Aug-2014 12:49 -0500, Needles,Stephen J wrote:
Ran the service debug and got this:

<<SNIP ed: MCH0601>>
Offset X'00F0758F' only applies to storage outside teraspace.
X'8000000000000000E00BA03CC2001000' <<SNIP>> or
the start of the implicit process space for the allocation.

<<SNIP ed: in symptom kwd form: F/stringHighUse4K x/0006C4

What is stringHighUse4K? Not much explanation on the internet, but
there are references to some PTF's.

The F/program in that scenario is immaterial; just ignore that. It is the name of the LIC module that implements the HLL statement; most likely a test or copy instruction that implements the op-code\request identified as the statement 12400. That same LIC program name would appear generically across /many/ unrelated incidents of failing user-code [as well as system-code].

What is relevant, is what storage is being addressed in the failing HLL instruction\statement, and why the offset used in reference to that storage is invalid\out-of-bounds whilst the program LOGGINGPROGRAM in LIBRARY is running in the job [in that case JOB(732150/QUSER/QRWTSRVR)].

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