Hello All,

I got lucky a few days ago, and for the price of a few pies, got myself a pristine looking 9406-170 to complement my 9406-800 :)

The system is in an operational state, so I can grab the V4R3 license keys from the system, but as a backup I was able to get the V4R5 license keys from IBM too (they couldn't provide V4R3 keys anymore).

Thing is, I can probably perform a save 21 (I have the QSECOFR password), but I'd like to be able to perform a clean V4R5 install.

Also, it's easier to backup CD images to my NAS than a tape :)

Is anyone in possession of, and willing to share the V4R5 installation media .iso's?
Thing is: the IBM Entitled Software site only goes as low as V5R4, and according to the helpful IBM'er I talked to, they probably can't help me obtain said media.

Again, I don't need keys, only the installation CD images.

Pretty please? With a cherry on top? :)


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