On 11-Jul-2014 09:02 -0500, Nick Arndt wrote:
Does anyone know an API or other method that will allow me to get a
list of all users in an authorization list

The CL command Display Authorization List (DSPAUTL) provides output to display [e.g. 5=Display from Work With Authorization Lists (WRKAUTL)], output to printer, and output to an Output File (OUTFILE). The Model Output File is QAOBJAUT [in QSYS or QSYS29##] with Record Format QSYDSAUT; the same Model Output File as for Display Object Authority (DSPOBJAUT).

There is also an API for the same:

_List Users Authorized to Object (QSYLUSRA) API_
This API provides information similar to that provided by the Display Authorization List (DSPAUTL) command or the Display Object Authority (DSPOBJAUT) command.

with out going to each one manually?

What is meant by "going to each one manually?" Is the intent to generate one list of all users for "each" *AUTL object that exists; e.g. as rows in a database file? If so, then refer to the reply by Luis for the simplest approach:

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