This is how I do my PTF, the OS knows what it needs.
I've had no problems. I'm on V6R1 at this time.


Gerald Kern <jp2558@xxxxxxxxx> 7/9/2014 1:38 PM >>>
As a side note, I did do something a bit different this time, due to
ongoing debate about whether to do the cume first and then the groups
the groups first and then the cume.

(As for the 'debate' you can find it here towards the bottom
the story in the section titled "Which Came First, The Group PTF or

I loaded the image catalog with all four of my binary images that
the cume and the groups (and one additional single RDi/free-form ptf),
then did the verify/sort and noticed that file_3.bin was the first one
mounted. I guess in effect I let the system decide.

No ill effects (at least not this time) and I did this both on my
and development partitions. Anyone else ever do PTF's this way?

Thanks, Jerry

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