On 30-Jun-2014 14:31 -0500, John McKee wrote:

<<SNIP>> I had no intent of attempting to operate on this particular
file <ed: file QADBIFLD in QSYS>. To me, QSYS is not a library to be
tinkering with. I had hoped that there was a method to release the
deleted records. Currently, our backup just barely requires a second
3590 cartridge. I had hoped, by reducing deleted records, to allow
the backup to fit on a single cartridge. <<SNIP>>

Reducing the size of the *DBXREF files will not reduce storage requirements on tape\backups, only reduce the storage on disk\DASD.

That is because the Save System (SAVSYS) does *not* include the data [from all but one, typically the smallest] of those files QADB* in QSYS; neither the physical data nor the access paths of all but the QADBXRDBD files are ever saved.

To reduce the size of storage in the SAVSYS, delete any unneeded History files (QHST*) and reduce the private authorities; private authorities can be moved to Authorization Lists (*AUTL), but as consolidated authorities, they will take significantly less storage.

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