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Are you passing the table columns individually as parameters between modules?

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I have a program using SQL to access one table. There are around 35
routines: one for insert, one for update, one for delete and the rest for
selects. One column has to change: either I lengthen it or I create a new
one. If modify the column, I won't have to modifiy the program at all, just
recompile. But I will have a lot of parameters in copybooks to modify.
Also, because the data in the column will also be changed, I would not be
able to avoid annoying the rest of the team that shares the same
development environment.

I thought I could add a new column, add parameters to the end of the
copybooks (all dynamic calls). But the modification of the SQL program
appears to be daunting as I there would be so many changes to make.

I have never had to make such a modification before. Is there a right way?


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