On Wed, Jun 25, 2014 at 2:00 PM, Jim Oberholtzer
<midrangel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Yes, that starts MySQL in a mode that does not require authentication to
access the databases, in other words in a safe environment.

If I'm understanding what you're saying, this "safe mode" is
completely counter to what I (as a naive person when it comes to these
things) would have expected.

When I see the words "safe mode" the idea that pops into my head is
"ah, you've requested safe mode, because you want to be safe, so we
will now run in a limited capacity to help ensure your safety".

But I'm gathering that this particular safe mode is really saying "ah,
you've told us that you've already taken any necessary precautions to
make sure your environment is safe; therefore we will now run in a
very dangerous way; any ill effects are due to your own recklessness".

Gee, thanks. Imagine car companies advertising their "safe cars".
Yeah, 600 hp, manual transmission with no synchros, no power-anything,
no stability control, no traction control, no anti-lock brakes, no
airbags, no seat belts, no bumpers, no crumple zones. The *ultimate*
in safety, because the purchaser and driver have vouched for their own

John Y.

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