Well that's the ay it works and your BP should have known this when the system was being installed and properly configured it. Now if you have NO HMC installed then the system automatically creates a processor pool with just the number of processors to which you are licensed.

With no HMC and the system not flagged for partitions it does that 'all resources' profile by default. Your solution is correct, create a new profile and a proper processor pool to use with it.

- Larry "DrFranken" Bolhuis


On 6/15/2014 12:23 AM, Jerome Draper wrote:

We bought a 720 with one processor. Of course it comes with four but we
are only licensed for one.

Interesting that our HMC detected the four and selected as default for the
one partition (checkbox) we have to "use all available resources".

The result is that we have one partition with four processors and can't
apply the processor license key (its only for one).

So...............the only way to resolve this (per IBM) is to delete the
partition on the HMC and recreate one that tags all resources except the
three processors we aren't licensed for.

You can't create a shared pool or edit a partition (to change it from 4 to
1) when the "use all resources" checkbox is checked.

Anyone else seen this? Have another workaround?


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