I changed a DFU which we have used for some years to maintain a simple
"Trading Partner" file for a local EDI 850 PO app.

The original DFU was is "row oriented", which I think means to show
headings at the top of the screen with records below, and not show
headings for each row.

The change was to add a file field that was not in the original DFU and
reduce spacing so records fit on one line.

The change was made it three steps:

add the field using option 3 to change a DFU program and save DDS for the screen

use STRSDA in mode *STD to move headings and fields to fit on one row

use CRTDFUDSPF to create the new DSPF

The STRSDA process had two rows with column headings for each, but I did
not see a way to change that, so I changed spacing get a record on one line.

Now, using CHGDTA with the changed DSPF, headings take three rows and
records fit on one row, but headings are repeated for each row, which means
only two records show on a 5250 screen.

I'm guessing I missed something in the STRSDA session, but don't know what,
but really don't like having just two records on the screen - any suggestions ?

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