Has anyone developed a simple way to view any volume that ever had a media error - CPP630C?
The CPP630C msg actually does not contain the volume that had the error.
Nor does HSTLOG, BRMS log.
PAL entry resulting from CPP630C, 63A09350, may or may NOT log volume in error, offset 0000B8 , PAL does have all other info.
The email messages sent from the library, TAPML01, also do not contain the volume, only the drive.

From the CPP630C, I was able to obtain the drive that had the error.
Then, only through a detailed search of the joblog, matching the drive used, I was able to obtain the volume.

I keep logs for 90 days, this info will all be purged after 90 days.
PAL is kept longer than 90 days, but without the joblogs, PAL may be useless.
Our volumes get rotated, so a volume may only be used once every 45 days.
Also, if a scratch volume is used on a different LPAR, this makes tracking the error even more difficult.

When a media error occurs, it would be nice to easily view if the media error was a repeated volume and/or repeated drive.
Or do we have to keep our own manual log for this purpose?
Date of error, Drive used, Drive Serial Number, Volume used.

Thank You
Paul Steinmetz
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