Is this something like this?
You buy 3000' feet of wire. You don't measure it. You trust your
Someone orders 1500'. You spool that off with an automatic counter and
get them that on the dot. Your on hand is now 1500'.
Someone orders another 1500'. You spool that off and you find there's
1510'. You ship that. Your supplier had tossed in a little extra, but
didn't bill you for it. Nice guy.
So now you have a negative on hand balance of -10'. You want to zero that
out instead of doing a manual inventory adjustment.

While your trigger could do that automatically, as myself and others have
noted, there is nothing stopping you from trying to generate an automatic
inventory adjustment. Yes, it will take a lot more work if your ERP
doesn't decouple the logic from their 5250 based inventory adjustment
manual entry screen.

Here's another business case. You get in a shipment. The receiver has a
fork lift accident before entering the receipt and is taken away. The
product is shipped out right away before the receipt is entered. Bam -
negative amount! So you just zero it out with your trigger. Now someone
enters the receipt. Which now says you have all this balance which you
really do not have.

Rob Berendt

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