I think you hit on it. I went through the journal receivers to see what tables had before images and they're all ones with CASCADE triggers. I imagine that falls into the same catergory as commitment control (i.e. it ignores the PF setting and does both).


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On 22-May-2014 15:43 -0500, Justin Taylor wrote:
I just noticed that my journal receivers have started capturing before
images for updates. I'm not sure what changed to cause this, but I'd
like to change it back. I checked CHGJRN, but I can't see any setting
there. Can someone point me in the right direction?

Whether there will be a *BEFORE image logged by default, is an attribute of the journaling defined for the [database file] object. The Start Journal [Physical File] (e.g. STRJRNPF) command that was used to start journaling of the object would specify either IMAGES(*BOTH) or IMAGES(*AFTER). When Commitment Control is active for an UPDATE of a database file row, the Before-image will appear irrespective the
IMAGES() setting, in order to enable recovery [ROLLBACK] instead of only applying forward changes [i.e. COMMIT].

I do not recall for sure if there was a new feature added to alter\change the journal attributes of an object, or if the requirement persists to End Journal [Physical File] (e.g. ENDJRNPF) before issuing the STRJRN request with the desired IMAGES() setting. Given I somewhat recalled the capability, I searched the IBM i 7.1 InfoCenter and found:

IBM i 7.1 Information Center -> Systems management -> Journal management
-> Local journal management -> Starting and ending journaling and
changing journaling attributes
_Changing journaling attributes of journaled objects_
_without ending journaling_
"This topic provides information about how to change the journaling attributes of a journaled object without ending journaling.

Use the Change Journal Object (CHGJRNOBJ) command to change journaling attributes of journaled objects without ending and restarting journaling. You can use the CHGJRNOBJ command to do the following:

* Change whether you are journaling both before and after images or just after images.
* ...

Regards, Chuck

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