Perfect! Thanks John, I ran out of time; if I run into issues when I get back to it, I'll let you (and the list) know. Any chance you could copy your blog post to, and add Python as one of the languages there too?

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On 5/22/2014 3:09 PM, John Yeung wrote:
On Thu, May 22, 2014 at 4:43 PM, Peter Dow <petercdow@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I have some time on my hands and am trying to set up
Python and XlsxWriter on an IBM i. Keep in mind that I
have minimal Linux knowledge (i.e. don't laugh too hard).
No problem. Actually one of the beauties of iSeriesPython (the one
you downloaded) is that you never have to touch, worry about, or have
any knowledge of PASE, AIX, Unix, or Linux.

John Yeung mentioned XlsxWriter. I want to be able to read as
well as write, so I got OpenPyXL (openpyxl-2.0.3.tar.gz) instead
OK, you're doing great so far. The problem is that pip, easy_install,
and even the barest-of-bare-bones scripts that come with
standard Python packages don't work on the i. Certainly not with
iSeriesPython. (Maybe the situation is different in the PASE world,
but I don't use PASE.)

I wrote a little article on how to "install" pure-Python packages in
the blog section of the iSeriesPython site:

Essentially, because the i is such a weird beast, we have to resort to
just copying the package to the right place in the IFS
('/python27/site-packages' if you followed the readme instructions
exactly). Which isn't hard, particularly if you have a decent FTP
client such as FileZilla.

If you already read the article and are still having trouble, let me know.

Incidentally, in that December midrange-l post you mentioned, I said I
would be posting (using XlsxWriter), and I did. Both it
and (using xlwt) are at

I don't personally use OpenPyXL much, but it is certainly a fine
choice. It does some things that even the combination of xlrd (for
reading) and XlsxWriter (for writing) don't do.

John Y.

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