Any way a source physical file can be created with more than 3 fields? I
am thinking it would be useful to store the name of the user who changed a
source line. Also mark deleted source lines with a delete flag.

To get the extended source file to work with SEU you would create a logical
file over the source file with the additional fields that only selects the
3 fields. And it omits the records with "deleted record" set to "Y".

Then maybe use a trigger program to set the "last change user name" field
in the extended SRCPF record. Which I guess does not work because SEU
clears the source member and replaces its contents when you exit SEU.

I see I cannot use CPYSRCPF when the from file is a CRTPF created file with
3 fields named SRCSEQ, SRCDAT and SRCDTA. So I assume anything with a
logical file would not work either.



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