The first thing is are you sure any of them are active? IBM deprecated
QDLS a long time ago. Sure you can still use it but why would you want
The 8.3 file name structure stinks. Trying to do a Windows Explorer to it
and it can't copy or many other things because of that.
It takes a performance hit.
And so on.

However, I don't know if there are any guaranteed ways to differentiate
between user and IBM.
Default owner isn't a lot of help.
Some user may have started the name with Q.

One option is to do a full SAVDLO to a special tape. And only restore
what people ask for. After a year and a half, clear the tape and reuse
There is nothing, bar NOTHING, that IBM stores in it that will be needed
in 7.1. Here is an example of a lpar that never existed before 7.1:

Only QDIADOCS has any entries in it. And that is just these four
Document Document Description Revised Type
QHSTPRT Shell Doc For Host Print 05/11/08 RFTAS400
QINDUSR Shell Doc For Indirect User 05/11/08 RFTAS400
QPROFDOC Dafaults for PROFS Documents 05/11/08 RFTAS400
QPROFNOT Defaults for PROFS Notes 05/11/08 RFTAS400
The only options that appear for these four documents are copy, delete and
rename. No edit or anything.

Keep in mind that Office Vision 400 died back on V4R5. When you upgraded
to V5 it removed it from your system. You could restore OV/400 to your
system after the upgrade. However it was "gosh, if it keeps working
that's lucky for you - don't call IBM". I can't imagine any of it working
after V5R4. The upgrade to 6.1 or higher will kill it for sure.

CPYTOPCD should be replaced by CPYTOIMPF or something better.

Rob Berendt

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