We saw similar results when we went from P5 to P7.
However, most of this was a result of 15k SCSI disks to SSD disk drives and large cache controllers.

What were the disk changes from P6 to P8?
I'd like to see the hardware details, if possible.


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Very cool results, Rob - this confirms the charts IBM has on P8 performance - even though processor speed is about the same, the design is so much faster.

Nice to see, so that even single-threaded, RPGish stuff will benefit - unlike the deal some years ago.


On 5/7/2014 10:42 AM, rob@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
Just got permission to publish this.

Disclaimer: These results were experienced at our site and were not
run under any supervision of IBM. Your mileage may vary.

This was a Domino lpar.
Once a week it runs Domino tasks: COMPACT, FIXUP, UPDALL at low
business periods.

Power 6:
04/17/2014 05:00:00 Running Program document for 'FIXUP -L -j'
04/17/2014 05:00:12 Database Fixup: Started: -L -j
04/17/2014 06:23:13 Database Fixup: Shutdown
04/23/2014 03:10:23 Running Program document for 'COMPACT -B'
04/23/2014 07:50:51 Database compactor process shutdown
04/23/2014 04:00:40 Running Program document for 'UPDALL -r'
04/23/2014 04:00:43 Index update process started: -r
04/23/2014 07:12:28 Index update process shutdown

Power 8
04/30/2014 03:10:02 Running Program document for 'COMPACT -B'
04/30/2014 04:50:29 Database compactor process shutdown
Runtime went from 4:40 to 1:40
04/30/2014 04:00:19 Running Program document for 'UPDALL -r'
04/30/2014 04:00:20 Index update process started: -r
04/30/2014 05:09:27 Index update process shutdown
Runtime went from 3:12 to 1:09
05/01/2014 05:00:46 Running Program document for 'FIXUP -L -j'
05/01/2014 05:00:49 Database Fixup: Started: -L -j
05/01/2014 05:18:04 Database Fixup: Shutdown
Runtime went from 1:23 to 0:18.

Same lpar.
Same Domino partition

Went from being a 'host' partition on Power 6 down to being a 'guest'
partition on Power 8.

zip file containing full details of hardware available upon request.

Rob Berendt

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