If I totally collapsed all my LPARS, and made all my LPARS a guest, yes, maybe, but probably not doable.
SSD DASD is for Production LPAR only.
Remaining SAS DASD is for R&D LPAR and Upgrade LPAR(S)
Each LPAR needs FC for tape library.
Might save on 1 ethernet.

4-5913 - PCIe2 1.8GB Cache RAID SAS - 2 for each LPAR
3- 5767 - PCIe 1Gb Ethernet UTP -1 each for 3 LPARS
2-5735 - 8 Gigabit PCI Express Dual Port Fibre Channel Adaper - 1 each for 2 LPARS
1- 2893 - PCIe 2-Line WAN w/Modem - Production RS232 line and MPLUS notitication.
1- 5901 - PCIe Dual - x4 SAS Adapter - for 2nd floating OPT


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Do you really need all 11 slots? Are some of these numerous fiber or ethernet cards to support multiple lpars which would be better served being virtualized via VIOS?

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This may a bit early and maybe pre-mature.
Now that the Power8 PCI slots are again "hot swappable" (Power 5 was,
Power 6 and Power7 not).
Current Power7 is configured with 2 loops, (4 5913) each 5913 pair is
split in one of two 5877, in case of drawer and/or loop failure.

If I were to upgrade to a Power8, at some point, I theoretically could
eliminate my two 5877, put all 11 slots in Power8 CEC.
Not only would this eliminate all expansion drawers, but also both GX++
Hardware maintenance would also be reduced.

One negative would be that I'd be maxed, no room for expansion, currently
I have 9 empty slots.

Any other negatives or thoughts from the group.

Thank You
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