Getting really tired of poor performance of this and I was looking at an
old thread from November 2013 about this.
Basically the gist of the thread was turn off IPv6 support on your IBM i,
(or configure it and your network correctly for IPv6).

Seems to be a couple of parts to this:
1 - Turn off IPv6 support in the IBM Director Navigator Java applications
2 - Turning it off completely on your IBM i.

Not sure if doing just option 2 is sufficient or if you should still do
option 1.

There was also some concern about turning off IPv6 completely on your IBM
i. Only the partial information was given in post
Some confusion from their third party vendor. Initial reading led me to
believe that if you have a certain PTF then ok. Second reading wasn't so
sure if you still have to have IPv6 enabled. Otherwise the vendor claimed
that RPC would fail.

To turn off IPv6 support in the IBM Director Navigator applications
END the HTTP Admin server first Issue the following EDTF statements:
Add the following lines to each file:

To turn off IPv6 completely on your IBM i seemed rather intense:
Modify your startup programs to start TCP/IP instead. In your startup
programs have: STRTCP STRIP6(*NO)
There is no ENDTCP JUSTIP6(*YES) or ENDTCPSVR SERVER(*IP6) option. So
you'll have to kill all of TCP/IP. A job best left to run from the
Does IBM's execution of starting TCP at IPL time involve executing the
supplied STRTCP command? If so, couldn't I just
and be done with it?

To see if IPv6 is active on your system perform the following:
10. Display TCP/IP stack status
IPv6 stack status . . . . . . . . . . . . . : Active

Hmm, I have this test lpar I'm allowed to IPL at will...

Rob Berendt

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