On 16-Apr-2014 13:00 -0500, Steinmetz, Paul wrote:
Why can't the user profile be displayed/added on both IBM and/or non
IBM menus.
I was told this would be a huge change.

For user menus, research the variable value ZUSER for the User Interface Manager (UIM) in the source for Menu (*MENU) and Panel Group (*PNLGRP) objects. Because what is presented on the menu object at run-time must be defined in source code for that menu, the actual source for the objects would need to change, and that source then recompiled as a new object, in order for the value to start appearing; i.e. unless the value already is included in the compiled object, but is merely conditioned, and then whatever conditions the display would need to be activated. The IBM menus were formalized without the USER name appearing, so nothing exists [e.g. no system value nor data area] to cause the user name suddenly to display, after some toggle\switch has been activated. As such, "a huge change" is probably an accurate description... and the "IBM menus" are unlikely to change on any upcoming release without some massive support behind such a request and even then unlikely to be seen until a release after any already publicly discussed\alluded [i.e. v7r2] upcoming release.

Note: There is a Display Work Station User (DSPWSUSR) command that is available from SysRqs-7 [System Request option-7; aka SysReq-7].

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