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Our company is using Officevision/400. I would like to find out the
version. Is it the same version as OS/400?

If the product exists on your V5 system, most likely that would be the product identifier 5769WP1 with V4R2M0, though the product is not officially supported since V4 IIRC. However a quick peek at some discussions on the web, there may have been some special paid support for v5r1. Even so, only if the product had been saved from a prior release, and then restored with Restore Licensed Program (RSTLICPGM) onto a v5r1m0 system. That is because an upgrade\install from v4r# to v5r1 would have effected an implicit delete of the LPP because DLTLICPGM was performed on 5769WP1 as part of the OS installation of V5R1M0; possibly the same code to delete the WP1 product remained in all remaining V5 releases, so a new restore might be required on any newer V5 installation, but other implications were that the RSTLICPGM or the product itself was unusable after v5r2, so an implication that the product is on your v5r4 system contradicts the experiences described in those articles I perused. An additional implication of those documents was, that not all of the LPP options could be installed to v5; e.g. calendar support seems conclusively to be incapable of getting onto v5.

I tried go LICPGM option 10 but don't see it. Does it have some
encrypted name? We currently are on v5r4.

Probably the 57xxWP1 product is not there, because no such product exists for v5 or newer; i.e. IBM stopped providing any offering with that product identifier, the last being 5769WP1 for V4R2M0 IIRC. The product may appear in the similar list as presented by the Display Software Resources (DSPSFWRSC) command. The [alternate] view of DSPSFWRSC to include "libraries/releases" shows the product's [primary] library name, and the token QOFC would be presented in the "library" column irrespective any possible munging of the expected product "Description" that is presented by either list [either of GO LICPGM option-10, or DSPSFWRSC] of the Installed Licensed Products. There is also a command Work with License Information (WRKLICINF) that may show something.

Nonetheless, the *BASE option text should be "OfficeVision for AS/400" and there may be additional options with any of the following titles\descriptions: "OfficeVision - Text Search Services", "OfficeVision - Calendar", "OfficeVision - Mail", "OfficeVision - Editor"

The requests to Check Product Option (CHKPRDOPT) requesting all details for all options and for all releases for each of the LICPGM(5722WP1) and LICPGM(5769WP1) would likely indicate either that those product LPP identifiers are /not installed/ or are /in error/.

Also, will our current Officevision/400 product work on OS400 v7r1?

If somehow either that product is truly available\in-use due to its being /installed/ on that v5r4 system, or just the effects of that product seemingly available\in-use due to the library QOFC being /restored/ rather than installed on that v5r4 system, then be assured that there is [absolutely] no way that same code will be functional after the release v5r4, because all of the program objects for the feature will require retranslation\reencapsulation, but the required /observability/ to effect that action, is not available [for almost every program provided as part of that feature]. The only way the OV/400 code could be restored and be capable of being run [aka functional] is if IBM recompiled, repackaged, and re-shipped that newly packaged product\feature.

The only remaining support for OV/400 [since some ancient release] is the run-time portion; the run-time is part of the OS. Thus the stated "using OfficeVision/400" on a v5r4 system might very likely be a misnomer of sorts; i.e. a misrepresentation of the scenario, because although objects created by OV in the past can still be referenced to produce output due to the available run-time support provided via the OS, there is no supported capability to use the actual Licensed Program Product by that name [I believe] since v4r4.

The v5r4 run-time support for OV/400 objects that would be generally functional irrespective the existence [or even just the functionality] of the programs in the product library named QOFC, will [AFaIK] remain functional in v6r1 and v7r1; e.g. if a particular Print Document (PRTDOC) was still functional on the v5r4 system, that same request should continue to be functional on any future release. The continued availability of run-time support is due to the OS providing that support, rather than the LPP providing that support; i.e. for the same reason an OV object could be created on any one system using the OV/400 product, but could then be /run/ on any other system, even when that other system did not have the OV product installed. My v3 and v4 OV objects [column-list\text-merge queries into documents; MRGDOC and PRTDOC] I know were still working in every V5 release. While the LPP was explicitly no longer being provided [not compiled, packaged, nor sold] by IBM, the underlying support for the run-time effects of OV/400 objects remained [and AFaIK will continue to remain] in the OS [at least through v5r4].

Regards, Chuck

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