I can't believe that my Bladecenter is 6 years old and the JS12 is of equal age but since I purchased it way back when I have added some xServer blades and I need to add some storage and reconfigure it, so I am looking for advice/caveats in the process.

The original chassis had (and still has) a single SAS Connectivity module (SAS Switch) which is non-RAID capable (it's part # 39Y9192). I also have one storage module (it's part # 44T1405) which has 6 - 146GB 15K SAS drives. For reasons I cannot remember, when I installed the JS12 blade and configured storage, I used the "Configuration store 9" option which is "Predefined Config 05" which allocates the 6 drives to blade 1. When I look at the physical volumes in the IVM, I have the two internal drives of the JS12 blade allocated to VIOS. Then I have 4 of the 146GB drives allocated to one of my IBM i partitions (main) and then I have a single drive allocated to a second IBM i partition (test/scratch) and then the remaining drive allocated to a Linux partition. I have 4 other blades (x Blades) and all of them run Windows and use just the internal drives (mirrored) for storage.

With that background, my plan is to add:
1) SAS RAID connectivity module (43W3630)
1) SAS Storage module (another 44T1405)
6) 300GB 15K SAS drives

I am going the eBay route for sourcing this stuff (the SAS RAID controllers seem pretty pricey when new - used I can find them at about $500).

So here are the questions:
1) Can the new SAS RAID module peacefully coexist with the other SAS Module (non-RAID) in the chassis?
2) Will it be possible to reconfigure the storage zoning without losing data? e.g. I think the current config allocates all 12 drives in both storage modules (when I get them) to blade 1 so I obviously want to allocate just 6 drives to blade 1 and then make the new storage available to the other x Blades.
3) Is the BCS as cranky about non-IBM HW as an IBM i would be? In other words: Can I buy 300GB 15K drives that are not IBM drives and still expect them to work with the storage modules and the SAS RAID module?

Don't know if anyone has done this on this list. I know there are a couple of you folks with IBM i on a blade. Curious as to what you would think.

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